NASA Mid-Atlantic runs the on-track portion of the event, which operates with everyone running together against the clock. The fastest time posted by each driver during the day's track sessions will be the one scored.

UTCC drivers will drive in one of two groups.  "Rocket"  and "Missile"

 All cars must pass a NASA HPDE safety inspection.

Driver requirements have been adjusted to allow for greater competition and higher participation.  All drivers must have significant on track experience. Drivers with a current NASA Competition License or Time Trial license get in automatically. All others will be asked for a driving resume once their registration is received and approved.

All cars must wear the required windshield banner and stickers handed out by the GRM staff. These will be checked at the tech inspection.

Want to participate? Entrants will be part of the Fast 50. To be considered, fill out the application form with your plight: car details, photo, basic bio, and including any racing licenses currently held. Basically, tell us why we should let you in. We’ll notify our Fast 50 two months prior to the event.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, your registration info and entry fee must be submitted to NASA—We'll provide you with a link for that. Once you've been accepted, the entry fee is just $275.

Note that drivers wanting to compete in NASA's time trials or road racing events throughout the weekend following the UTCC will have to first be approved by the NASA Mid-Atlantic staff.