Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car: Overall fastest time. Team gets a big trophy plus ink in Grassroots Motorsports.

UTCC Knockout Champion: The winner of the Saturday Knockout Finals.

Fastest Production Car: The fastest car with a substantially unmodified firewall and floor pan. Holes for suspension links, roll cages, etc. are allowed.

Fastest FWD, open tire: The fastest front-wheel-drive car.

Fastest FWD, 200tw tire: The fastest front-wheel-drive car running tires with a minimum manufacturer treadwear rating of 200.

Fastest RWD, open tire: The fastest rear-wheel-drive car.

Fastest RWD, 200tw tire: The fastest rear-wheel-drive car running tires with a minimum manufacturer treadwear rating of 200.

Fastest AWD, open tire: The fastest all-wheel-drive car.

Fastest AWD, 200tw tire: The fastest all-wheel-drive car running tires with a minimum manufacturer treadwear rating of 200.

Fastest BMW presented by BimmerWorld

Fastest Subaru presented by Mach V Motorsports

Fastest Corvette presented by AMT Motorsport

Safety Award presented by SPA Technique

*Note that awards may be added at any point.


Editorial Coverage

The Ultimate Track Car Challenge is the cover story of the October issue of Grassroots Motorsports. Every car that posts an official time at the Ultimate Track Car Challenge while showing all required sponsor decals is guaranteed coverage in the magazine, with entries that do well or have compelling stories eligible for additional editorial features at the magazine editors’ discretion.

Please come to the UTCC prepared to share your story with the world, and ensure that your car always looks its best while on track.

Saturday Knockout Finals

First, the UTCC will run as usual on Friday—the Friday times and standings will be reflected in the official UTCC results, and the Ultimate Track Car award will be given on Friday. We’ll also hold our usual Friday evening awards ceremony. However, the fastest 20 cars from Friday’s UTCC competition—plus three staff picks—will receive an invitation to run in the Knockout Finals on Saturday.

How do the Knockout Finals work?

  • The field of 23 cars will be released from the false grid onto a green track. 

  • After two laps, the four cars with the slowest best lap times will be black flagged and will immediately return to the pits. 

  • With each successive lap the four slowest cars for THAT lap will be removed. 

  • At roughly the halfway point, each lap will only eliminate three cars.

  • Each lap is unique and only serves to eliminate the slowest cars on that lap. This process continues with each lap until the field has been trimmed to the fastest two cars. 

  • The top two cars will receive a white flag at the start/finish line indicating they are on their final lap. The fastest time for that final lap is the winner.

  • Any car spinning or dropping more than two wheels off is disqualified and must pull into the pits.

  • Incidents, weather, schedule changes etc. can change this plan at any time for any reason.