Accepted 2019 Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge Entries

Darkened Cars Have Withdrawn From Competition


See your car in the gallery?

Congratulations, your car has been chosen by the editors of Grassroots Motorsports to participate in the 2019 Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge. Before you can register, though, we still need to approve your driver. We’ll be in touch as we proceed with the driver verification process, and will send each driver a registration link once they’ve been approved.

Need help? Contact if you have any questions.

Don’T See your car?

Space on track is extremely limited, so unfortunately we cannot accept every applicant. We choose another round of entries once per week, and put those that didn’t make the first cut onto the Ultimate Track Car Challenge waitlist. If you feel you should still make the cut, contact to plead your case. Additionally, entries submitted without a photo will not be considered. If your photo is missing, please email it to

There are a myriad of reasons why entrants who are accepted during the first round do not attend the event, including mechanical breakage, licensing issues, etc. If and when competitors drop out, we’ll be picking entries from our waitlist to replace them.